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When it comes to selling your machine the most important things you want is the best possible price. It’s your asset and you’ve put a lot of money into it.

You can list it for sale and hope someone is willing to pay you want you need or think it’s worth, or you can talk to DeWitt Equipment.

Most auction houses will offer you wholesale price less “10% commision- “Net Wholesale”

Most “big brand” dealers will offer you “Wholesale” to assure their required level of profit.

DeWitt aims to get you MAP (Market Average Price), an average of dealer retails sales price.

For example let’s look at a 4 years old excavator

Net of wholesale might be $80,000 this is what you get from your dealer.

The wholesale price is $90,000, but the Market Average Price is another $20,000 Higher than that.

DeWitt’s network and experience help you realize this map without the long timeline.
Example - 4 Year Old Excavator
Sales Channels
DeWitt, with lower over head, and because it’s our main focus helps you realize that extra percentage.

We achieve this by using all of the Global Sales Channels that the “big brand” dealers use- with much less overhead.

This assures you, the seller, a higher sales price after commission.

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